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Freedom Fighters is an action game developed by IO Interactive. Here, you play a hard-working plumber named Chris Stone, who fights in the range to oust the foreign superpowers that occupy New York City. Play this Freedom Fighters game with your skills and you will rise for ranks in the game. Yet you have to prove yourself an attractive leader in this Freedom Fighters movement.

freedom fighters game for pc

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Gameplay and special features

Especially useful to pc windows 7.
Introduces players to New York City in the Soviet Union-run Freedom Fighters game. In this game, the Cold War is unlikely to happen. And the USSR punishes the world by dropping an A-bomb under an agreement concluded with WWII. As mentioned earlier, you play as a heroic plumber fighting to bring back freedom. I want you to continue the game through semi-linear missions. You can first choose in advance which goals you want to achieve in this Freedom Fighters game. However, the next level in the game is that you have to complete the whole set before moving on to the next mission.

The Freedom Fighters game gives you the main weapon and limited ammunition as well as a secondary weapon. However, you can take on new weapons and replace your old ones while completing missions.

Freedom Fighters Game Download for pc

In the Freedom Fighters game you have to lead a team of other warriors. But you have to take full responsibility for ordering and controlling your AI squadmates. You need to gain charisma by accomplishing missions. When your charisma is full, you can consult other freedom fighters and hire them for the game. You can have up to 12 soldiers based on your rank and you can give them proper commands during battles.

Freedom fighters come forward for victory in the game with complex and detailed environments. Your AI team will fight intelligently and independently. As a commander, you can only issue your orders to attack or cover them. And to whom they move on their own. Enemies are faced equally. Whatever gives you a realistic experience. However, to get the resolution you want in terms of the game and you need to adjust it in the configuration setup instead of the game menus.

Is freedom fighters game value?

Freedom Fighters is a game that you will gradually improve as you play. The game will increase its challenge in the game based on your skills and abilities. Furthermore, it has an aesthetically pleasing interface and well-developed AI. It enhances the experience of your game. It has single-player facility. However, the run time may not be sufficient. Another thing is that it does not have an online campaign. So you will not have a chance to see how well the game is being played against other players.

Play Action-Packed Game
Has a detailed atmosphere
Impressive AI Squad and enemies
Excellent soundtrack

Small single-player facility
Lack of online mode
No game-configuration option
Freedom fighters 1/3
Application specs
License issue

App specs


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Feb 15, 2021


Windows 10



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