How to Add Bots to Discord Server 2020

How to Add Bots to Discord Server 2020
Add Bots to Discord Server
Add Bots to Discord Server

Discord is very famous in the Gaming Community. It is free to chat service for a gamer this is used by millions of Gamers This app is one of the easy to use and also managing servers on Discord is very easy.

It is most powerful app at what is does and there is one more features which every one don’t use it in same ways right? Well, today I’ll be talking about How to Add Bots to Discord Server 2020. Discord allows Add Bots to Discord Server. So here you can do that so Let’s Explore Discord!

Note: In order to Add bots to a server requires you to have “Manage Server” permissions on the server.

Adding Bots on Your Discord Server

So adding bots on your Discord server is quite easy, All you’ve to do is, login into your Discord account in a browser, then you’re read to go! For now, I’m assuming that you’ve already Bots that you’ll add to your Discord server.

If you don’t have then you can check out the Carbonitex website, or the unofficial Discord Bots website, there you can find best bots that you can add on your Discord Server.

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Once you’ve bots that you want to add on you Discord Server, then you can follow below steps.

1. First, go to Discord Website, then login with you Discord ID and Mack sure that you’ve “Manage Server” permissions on the server that you can to add the bot to.

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Manage Server Permissions
Manage Server Permissions

2. On Discord Bots website, click on the “Invite“ Button, If you’re adding Bod from Carbonitex website, click on the button “Add Bot to Server“.

Invite on Discord  for Bot
Add Bot to Server

3. After the second step, you’ll redirect to the authorization page. Here you can “ “Choose a Server“ from the drop-down menu, then you can select the server where you want to add a bot.

Select a Server on Discord
Select a Server on Discord

4. Then the button will appear which says “Authorize”. Once you click on it then you’ve successfully added Bot on you Discord server, and you’ll see it in the sidebar of your server.

Authorize a Server on Discord
Authorize a Server on Discord

Those were all the steps that you need to take, to add a bot on your Discord server.

On GitHub, a much more Discord bots are also hosted. If you want to install those, you can read the Wiki for the GitHub projects. So there you can find an installation process for the bot.


Now you know that How to Add Bots to Discord Server. go ahead and enhance your Discord Server with fantastic Boots, I hope that guideline was helpful for you. For Discord there are lots of bots available that you can add on your Discord Server.

I had mentioned in this article, steps by steps How to add Bots to Discord Server. I would like to know your opinion about Discord bots, Leave your thought in the comment section below!

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